Healthway goes through the A to Z of fire safety with utmost diligence and attention

‘Fire mishaps’ are a potential threat to life and property at any place that people gather like hotels, commercial establishments, offices/factories and auditoriums etc but the threat assumes a much more serious proportion and magnitude in a hospital scenario on account of the presence of a large number of sick including those in critical condition, feeble, infants and old people who cannot be quickly evacuated to safety as in other places.
Healthway super specialty hospital, Goa observed ‘Fire Prevention Week’ (14th- 20th April, 2023) as a high priority exercise involving each and every staff member and with great diligence and seriousness. Senior fire fighting professionals from the ‘Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services’ Government of Goa, Shri Ravi H Naik, Station Fire Officer, Officer In charge of, Old Goa Fire Station along with other fire personnel, Mr Rajesh Malik and Fire Fighter Mr Mohmad peer Sayyed,  educated the staff members on every aspect of preventive safety measures to be adhered and practiced everyday to avoid such mishaps. The session emphasized that it is not just the security personnel who have to turn as ‘fire fighters’ in case a fire broke out but every single staff member should be familiar with extinguishing the fire, moving the patients to safety etc. The expert team inspected the existing safety measures in place at the premises like installation of fire extinguishers in every floor and staff familiarity in deploying them in an emergency, adequate fire exit provision in case of a fire mishap and gave its okay.
Mock fire fighting exercises by the fire fighting professionals from the Fire Station, Old Goa was the highlight of the event. Staff members were trained to act quickly and with great presence of mind in an emergency situation and put out a fire at its early stages in a real time scenario. The exercise ensured that not only was the institution adhering to all the safety measures and norms to prevent a fire breakout but is also well equipped trained and in a state of battle preparedness to handle an unexpected fire mishap quickly and effectively.

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