General surgery is a discipline that requires knowledge and responsibility for the preoperative, operative, and postoperative management of patients. It is a discipline of surgery having a central core of knowledge encompassing anatomy, physiology, metabolism, immunology, nutrition, wound healing, shock resuscitation and intensive care, which are common to all surgical specialties. A complete range of general surgical operations including trauma services, advanced laparoscopic surgery, breast surgery, colorectal, hepatobiliary and cancer surgeries are available at Healthway Hospitals.


Laparoscopic surgeries are conducted at Healthway hospitals in large number by our expert surgeons including general surgeons, gynaecologists, ENT surgeons, gastroenterologists, endourologists, colposcopists, etc. These Key hole surgeries are prefered to laparotomies as they result in more cleaner procedures, guarantee faster recovery and reduce chances of complications post operatively.

Our Breast clinic caters to various breast conditions either malignant, benign or cosmetic.

These include breast biopsies, surgeries like: Breast conservation, mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, chemoport placements, oncology services, etc.

Under cosmetic services breast reduction and breast augmentation are also conducted.

Thyroid disease is a common problem that can cause symptoms because of over or under function of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is an essential organ for producing thyroid hormones, which maintain the metabolism of the body. The surgical management of various conditions of thyroid including thyroid nodules, goitre, etc are well managed by our expert team of doctors.

This speciality covers surgery of the oesophagus (gullet), stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder and small intestine. All kinds of abdominal surgeries including, bowel resection, malignant tumours, laparotomy herniotomy, etc are well managed resulting in reduced post operative complications and minimum hospital stay.

We even conduct colostomy and closures, and have dedicated and well trained staff to handle these patients. The follow ups for colostomy care is done in our stoma clinics.

We are the best in helping patients and their families to manage cancer related issues, aiding them in tracking tests and treatment, paperwork, bills and maintaining other records.

Major trauma describes serious injuries that are life-changing and could result in death or serious disability. 

The surgery department is always available to provide strong backup for all kinds of surgical emergencies resulting from trauma, including vascular injuries, intraabdominal bleeding, rupture of the spleen, etc.


Dr. Antonio De Bossuet Afonso

Dr Vardhan S. Bhobe

Dr. Rameshwar Kadam

Dr. Amit Subhash Kalangutkar

Dr. Pralhad Savaikar

Dr. Nilesh B. Talwadker

Dr. Jayant Bhandari