Life saving teams at Healthway get enlightened and inspired on a ‘Life Saving’ act!

As a healthcare institution deeply committed to the care and well being of society and mankind as a whole and with a spirit to lead by example, Healthway Hospital conducted several sessions on the critical need for organ donation at its main campus to reach the message to its members, on the occasion of ‘Organ donation week’. Dr Nikat Parveen Shaikh crusading the noble cause on behalf of the hospital conducted the ‘Organ donation program’ on the theme ‘Everyone has the power to save lives by becoming an organ donor’ to several batches of hospital staff members. She underlined the critical need to donate organs to save precious lives and dispelled baseless fears, superstitions and doubts that posed an impediment to this life saving act with the key points that helped in creating a good impact on the life saving act, among the students of the Father Agnel HSC school and college with more clinical/biological inputs to suit a more senior, well informed audience.

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