Homeopathy today is a rapidly growing system and is being practiced almost all over the world. In India it has become a household name due the safety of its pills and gentleness of its cure. A rough study states that about 10% of the Indian population solely depend Homeopathy for their health care needs and is considered as the second most popular system of medicine in the country.


At Healthway we have provided a platform to this system of medicine, wherein our major focus is the betterment of the patient. The system can draw support form our experts in case of its limitations and can also act as a support for certain chronic conditions which may have not benefitted much from the modern medicine.


It is more than a century and a half now that Homeopathy is being practiced in India. It has blended so well into the roots and traditions of the country that it has been recognised as one of the National System of Medicine and plays a very important role in providing health care to a large number of people.