The Opthalmology department at Healthway caters to the entire populus, from neonates to the elderly. We have specialists in pediatric opthalmology and cataract, who handle wide range of cases like retinopathy of prematurity, refractive arrors in children, amblyopia, squint and pediatric cataract. In adults the department handles refractive errors, management of glaucoma, lacrimal sac surgeries , ocular trauma and cataract . We are fully equiped for the management of cataract cases which  includes minimal invasive cataract surgeries. 

Healthway hospital caters to all ocular emergencies. Besides this, routine general and occupational health check ups are also conducted at HHPL wherein Visual acuity, color vision and retinal examinations are carried out. Currently as a result of increasing lifestyle disorders such as hypertension and Diabetes mellitus our opthamologists suggest  routine screening for retinopathy which has shown an increased incidence in these conditions.


Dr. Kuheli Bhattacharya Rane

Dr. Mayank Prakash Nigam

Dr. Michelle Da Costa

Dr. Tanvi Poy Raiturcar

Dr. Girish Velis

Dr. Prasanna Parulekar