It is the medical speciality concerned with the pharmacologic, physiologic and clinical basis of anaesthesia and related fields, including resuscitation, intensive respiratory care, sedation, etc. The scope of anaesthesiology includes non-surgical pain management, management of painful syndromes, monitoring and maintaining hemodynamic stability, restoring and maintaining haemostasis, teaching CPR, evaluating and applying respiratory therapy.


Dr.Sanjeev Juwarkar

Dr. Sandeep Pawar

Dr. Noel Britto

Dr. Mahesh Parsekar

Dr. Steven Dias

Dr. Nikhil Bhoomkar

Dr. Veena Prafulla Velingkar

Dr. S.V. Korgaonkar

Dr. Bharati Vishal Sawant

Dr Pankaj Naik

Dr. Anant Tanksali