Healthway offers well planned and systematically executed physiotherapy programs and techniques for its patients. Based on the assessment, a custom made treatment plan is devised to meet the client’s need to attain maximum functional restoration and facilitates them to return to a healthy active life-style.
We are committed to provide comprehensive and personalized training programs for each patient including those who require occupational therapy. We offer comprehensive evaluation of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems to assess the fitness levels including posture, flexibility, strength, balance, co ordination and gait.


Evaluation and correction of postural deviations and altered walking patterns.

To enhance balance recovery, either post operatively or following movement disorders like Parkinson’s, paralysis, etc.

Wide range of client specific exercise regimens to achieve flexibility and strength goals.



Functional assessment of routine and work settings to advice on changes within oneself or the environment around to enhance productivity.



Based on specific patient requests or requirement following complete body assessment


Breathing exercises, postural drainage, manual techniques to help relieve chest congestion.


In elderly patients following nerve related issues, like stroke and even in children who have neurological deficits.

Simple exercise regimens to help the elderly retain and improve their movement independence.


Dr. Sachin Sarin


Dr. Michelle D’Souza