Diabetes mellitus is a medical condition largely related to the endocrine system. Endocrinologists are practitioners who tackle adrenal disorders, osteoporosis and bone health, diabetes etc. However diabetes is also managed by specialists or diabetologists who deal with diagnoses, treatment and follow up on blood sugar levels of patients. The management may involve life style modification, diet restriction, intake of oral Hypoglycemic agents or Insulin administration etc, which is customised to the patient requirement.
At Healthway we have our expert diabetologists and other consultants who run several collateral clinics like DM foot care Clinic, DM Kidney care clinic etc which provides comprehensive support to our patients and helps in dealing with every problem related to raised blood sugars in the blood under one roof and under the supervision of experts. 


Healthway Hospitals uses the ankle-brachial pressure index (ABPI), a non-invasive method of assessing the extent of chronic peripheral arterial disease in the lower limbs. It is a ratio composed of the blood pressure in the brachial artery and the pressures in the foot arteries (dorsalis pedis and the posterior tibial artery)..

The Podiatrists at Healthway are expertly trained to match your foot type and biomechanics with the correct shoes. Our Podiatrists are able to assess your current footwear and if necessary make recommendations for shoe types based on the anatomy of your feet, and the way you walk and run. These customised footwear play a vital role in prevention of foot problems and promotes healing of foot ulcers. 

A vital part of managing diabetes is routine checkups to prevent complications. The team of professionals at our Diabetology Department can help coordinate and manage your regular tests, making the steps to dealing with this complex condition much easier for patients.

People with diabetes can develop nerve damage throughout the body over time, causing diabetic neuropathy. At Healthway, biothesiometry is used on patients to identify subclinical neuropathy and monitor the progress of the disease.

Patients with diabetes face a very serious challenge with respect to foot care. Healthway Hospital has a dedicated foot care unit which deals with early detection of Neuropathy (damage to nerves) & peripheral vascular diseases (decreased blood supply to lower limbs). It also helps make proper assessment of the patient having a foot ulcer or other foot related complications and suggests appropriate treatment.

People with diabetes can develop many complications including several foot problems. Even ordinary complaints can rapidly worsen and lead to serious complications. If this happens to the feet, it may result in deformity, disability or even amputation. It has been established that 15% of all diabetics will develop a serious foot problem at some time or the other which can threaten the limb or the life of the individual. The average hospital stay for a patient with a diabetic foot is one month, and roughly 50% may need hospitalisation for three months or more. Lower limb amputations in diabetic patients account for 50% of all non traumatic amputations. The rate of lower limb amputations in patients with Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is 40 times higher than in people without DM. The incidence of amputation of the other foot within three years is also very high. However, the good news is that with regular visits to the doctor and proper foot care, most of these problems can be prevented.

Dealing with diabetes can be a multi-faceted approach. Consultations with our renowned specialists involved in diabetes care, counsel patients regarding highly complex hormonal disorders with comprehensive checks and customised meal plans..

Also known as Opthalmoscopy it is a procedure where in an opthalmoscope is used to see the inside of the eye. It is crucial in determining the health of the retina, vitreous humor and various other components of the eye.

Healthway Hospital offers lifestyle advice & diet counseling to help patients manage their weight, lower their disease risks while maintaining a busy lifestyle. We provide a one-on-one, confidential nutritional consultation giving a thorough nutritional evaluation including health assessment and detailed medical history taking.

Thsi is used to test the sensory response of the skin to determine any nerve affection or neuropathy due to diabetes.

Healthway provides Podiatric services that include addressing of general foot problems like removal of corns, calluses, ulcers, ingrown nails, and other wounds.


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