In-depth talk on heart/vein health and care by a globally renowned expert throws new light on the subject!

A healthy heart beating at the ‘right rate’ and pumping adequate blood and a venous system carrying it seamlessly to all the parts of the body and back to the heart, could be summed up as the gold standard and two line definition of good physical/mental health and active life.

Healthway super specialty hospital conducted a high power talk on ensuring the above as part of its constant update of knowledge and learning of its Consultants through a CME (Continuing Medical Education) session titled ‘Cardiac Rehabilitation – Therapy after an Acute Cardiac Event & Prevention and Treatment of Venous Diseases’. The distinguished speaker of the evening, Dr Deepti Bhandare, Medical Director of Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation & Heart failure clinic and Vice Chair, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine & Vein clinic at Advent Health, Sebring, Florida, USA emphasized the criticality of Cardiac Rehabilitation post surgery care as the key to recovery, prevention of recurrence of heart related issues and a healthy and active life post a major cardiac surgery or cardiac failure. The globally renowned expert in non invasive cardiology explained that ‘Cardiac Rehabilitation’ is not a single point initiative but a holistic endeavor constituting of several important measures such as right medication, drastic life style changes, regular exercises, strict diet and counseling to ensure a healthy and peaceful mind state. Dr Deepti Bhandare highlighted the various challenges that can crop up during the critical phase when a patient is recovering after a major surgery or a cardiac arrest/failure and how effective cardiac rehabilitation can prevent this and ensure good heart health. She also underlined the various vein related challenges from the common varicose vein to more complex conditions that could reduce organ functioning or prove to be life threatening. While the session was focused on heart and vein health it assumed great significance as a healthy heart and good circulatory system are fundamental to the functioning of every vital organ in the body.

The talk was delivered to consultants of Healthway hospital as a part of a regular Continued Medical Education which has always gained impetus for Healthway Consultants.

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