Cardiac services

Healthway hospital has a well equipped state of the art Cardiac Unit. This department is backed by renowned cardiologists and well trained staff. The infra structure provides an excellent support system to manage cardiac cases. We have intensivists round the clock to look after our in patients in the cardiac care unit which is a sub unit of the ICU. A good number of more than 200 angiographies and angioplasties have been conducted at Healthway over the last one year.


The Healthway Cath Lab is equipped for both Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular angiographies and plasties. The unique and specialised software gives it an upper hand in vascular intenventions.

The unit can perform Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) which is a fluoroscopy technique used in interventional radiology to clearly visualize blood vessels in a bony or dense soft tissue environment. This technique helps in getting a clear picture of the artery which can then be studied independently and in isolation from rest of the body thus making it very useful in management of complicated case.

Fractional Flow Reserve, or FFR, is a guide wire-based procedure that can accurately measure blood pressure and flow through a specific part of the coronary artery. FFR is done through a standard diagnostic catheter at the time of a coronary angiogram. This serves to be very useful in doubtful cases wherein an unnecessary angioplasty can be aborted.

Other cases handled by the cath lab are:
Vascular angiographies, vascular angioplasties
cerebra angiographies, and cerebra angioplasties
Pacemaker insertions , temporary and permanent
Coil embolisation
Major blood vessel stenting
Biliary stenting




Dr. M. D. Dixit