Orthopedics (or orthopaedics) is the line of surgery and treatment involving the musculoskeletal system, and can entail degenerative conditions, trauma, sports injury, tumors, and congenital issues.

At Healthway hospital our team of doctors are the best listed in Goa. The department manages areas of incredible breadth and variety. Our Orthopedists treat an immense variety of diseases and conditions, including fractures and dislocations, torn ligaments, sprains and strains tendon injuries, pulled muscles, bursitis, ruptured disks, sciatica, low back pain, scoliosis, knock knees, bow legs, bunions, hammer toes, arthritis and osteoporosis, bone tumors, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, club foot, unequal leg length, abnormalities of the fingers and toes, and even growth abnormalities.

In addition the department has its allied services through physical therapy department for post surgical rehabilitation, Special OPD for Spine Care, Foot & Ankle Surgery, Orthotic and Prosthetic in-house department.


Arthritis is a common way of referring to joint inflammation and it is a problem which mostly worsens with age. At Healthway, services are offered to help the patient deal with the pain of arthritis and eventually procedures such as joint replacement if needed.

Healthway Hospitals employs the use of Arthroscopy, a minimally invasive procedure that is used to diagnose, and treat common knee and shoulder joint problems.

Foot and ankle surgery is a sub-specialty of orthopedics and podiatry that deals with the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disorders of the foot and ankle.

Joint replacement is a procedure carried out when severe joint pain/arthrytic dysfunction is not alleviated by less-invasive therapies. In this procedure, a dysfunctional joint is replaced with an orthopedic prosthesis.

Orthopedic trauma care covers the spectrum of simple isolated fractures to severe life-threatening accidents with multiple broken bones. Specialists at Healthway have unique expertise and training in dealing with critical injuries of this kind.

Shoulder surgery is a means of treating injured shoulders. Many surgeries have been developed to repair the muscles, connective tissue, or damaged joints that can arise from traumatic or overuse injuries to the shoulder.

Healthway Hospital Spine Surgery services is a surgical specialty that is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of spine function by managing various spinal disorders. It includes both non-operative and complex operative treatment modalities.

Sports injuries are those that are sustained during exercise or while indulging in athletic activities. Healthway helps you to get to the depth of these and hence mitigate them.


Dr. Mahendra Suresh Kudchadkar

Dr.Rajiv Negandhi

Dr. Malcolm Fonseca

Dr. Sambprassad Nadkarni

Dr. Sandeep Fowkar

Dr. Vishal Atmaram Dubhashi

Dr. Rajesh Maniar