Hepatobiliary surgeons at Healthway are experts who extend a segmental approach to the field of General Surgery.
There is an ever increasing need for superspecialisation in the field of medicine and the same extends to the surgical branch. This  branch deals with the surgeries related to the liver, the bile duct and may extend even to pancreas. These surgical interventions on the liver, the pancreas or the bile ducts should be selected as a function of risk versus benefit in relation to the patient’s requirements and the institutional expertise.
At Healthway our surgeons deal with cases like Bile duct cancers, including hilar cholangiocarcinoma, liver surgeries  and gallbladder cancers which though have a dismal reputation have been sucessessfully managed and resulted in better patient survival from aggressive approaches performed by our specialist hepatobiliary surgeons. Hepatic surgery has increased in safety and effectiveness, largely due to the segmental approach. The  experience of our surgeons with  modern techniques for vascular control and exclusion has also played a vital role in the the success of these cases. 


Dr Antonio De Bossuet Afonso

Consultant Gen Surgeon

Dr Amit Subhash Kalangutkar

Dr Nilesh B.Talwadker

Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr Pralhad Savaikar

Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Rameshwar Kadam

Dr. Jayant Bhandari

Dr. Antonio De Bossuet Afonso


MBBS, MS( Genereal Surgery), FRCS( Edinburgh)


  1. Life Membership IMA
  2. Life Membership ASI
  3. Membership RCS
  4. Membership ACRS

Dr Antonio De Bossuet Afonso is among the most highly respected and esteemed Surgeons and well known names in the Healthcare sector in the Goa, Daman Diu and entire Western region of the country. A veteran Surgeon with 32 years of performing diverse and highly challenging surgical procedures he is also credited with adopting the latest and most advanced surgical processes and aids to his surgeries thus bringing a combination of his own rich experience, skills and State of the art Medicare technology to the Operation table. Dr Antonio is a co-founder of Healthway Multispecialty hospitals, Goa along with Dr Virendra Sadanand Gaonkar and a team of likeminded doctors. This large clinical care, teaching and training and research institution reflects the shared aspirations and dream of these highly distinguished medical professionals to bring world class Medicare to Goa and the neighb  ouring region at affordable costs and a personal touch. Dr Antonio’s pioneering spirit is also reflected in his key role in starting the Urology department at the Goa Medical College along with veteran senior colleague Dr Madhumohan R.  Prabhudesai and being a part of the early team that performed the initial transplant surgeries at the institution.

A surgeon with exposure and expertise in every branch of surgery and rich experience in diverse surgical departments including the famed the A&E of UK, Dr Antonio serves as Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon and HOD – Department of Surgery at Healthway Multispecialty Hospitals Goa, making the institution the most dependable and preferred centre in the region for the most complex and challenging surgeries, post operative care and recovery.

  1. Jr Residency and Sr Residency for 6 years in GMC with 1/2 year in Neuro surgery
  2. Under graduate teaching program followed by stint in the UK which included posting in A E for 8 months, Orthopedics 8 months, Urology 8 months and Gen Surgery 2 years.
  3. Research & training in laparoscopic surgery, A & E training , ATLS, renal transplant surgery.
  4. Currently Consultant Gen Surgeon to multiple Hospitals and Healthway Hospitals
  5. Honorary Consultant Urology GMC
  1. Instrumental in starting the department of urology along with Dr. Madhumohan in GMC.
  2. Was part of the initial transplant team and assisted the first transplant cases in GMC
  3. Patent: Magnetic spring co authored with Dr Elgar Desa
  1. Thesis Blunt Abdominal trauma in 1987
  2. Multiple publications in Urology
  1. Advanced laparoscopic surgeries
  2. Onco surgeries
  3. Vascular Access
  4. Breast surgeries
  5. Urology
  1. Life Membership IMA
  2. Life Membership ASI
  3. Membership RCS
  4. Membership ACRS

Dr Amit kalangutkar




  1. Goa Medical Council (India): Registration No. 1367
  2. Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (MNAMS) New – Delhi, India.
  3. Member of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Bardez – Goa – India.
  4. Member of the Rotary Club of Mapuca, Goa – India.
  5. Member of the International Hepato – Pancreatico – Biliary Association (IHPBA).
  1. 1998-2001 – Junior Resident (Senior House Officer) in General Surgery and Accident & Emergency., GMC
  2. 2001- Medical Officer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology ,GMC
  3. 2001-2002 -Senior Resident in Neurosurgery GMC
  4. 2002- Senior Resident in Trauma and General Surgery, GMC
  5. 2002-2003 -Senior House Officer in General Surgery, Tyrone Country Hospital,UK
  6. 2003-2004- Specialist Registrar in General Surgery, Causeway Hospital,UK
  7. 2004-2005- Specialist Registrar in Endocrine/Upper Gastrointestinal/ General Surgery , Royal Victoria Hospital, UK
  8. 2005- Specialist Registrar in Breast/Gastrointestinal/General Surgery,
  9. Belfast City Hospital, UK
  10. 2005- 2006- Specialist Registrar in Gastrointestinal/General Surgery,Antrim Area Hospital, UK
  11. 2006-2007 Specialist Registrar in HPB/Colorectal(Lower Gastrointestinal)/General Surgery, Mater Infirmorum Hospital,UK
  12. 2007-2008 Clinical Fellow in Hepato-pancreatico-biliary (HPB) Surgery,Mater Infirmorum Hospital, UK
  13. 2008-2010 Senior Surgeon Directorate of Health Services Government of Goa
  14. 2010 onwards started private practice and was Consultant General &Hepatobiliary Surgeon
  15. Currently- Consultant General & Hepatobiliary Surgeon also Healthway Hospital
  1. First class honors in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry in 1 st M.B.B.S., also 2 nd
    in Goa University in Biochemistry.
  2. First in M.S. General Surgery Examination, April/May 2001.
  3. Presented a model project on the physiology of gastric secretion in 1 st M.B.B.S.
  4. 4 th in all Goa quiz organized by the Indian Association of Paediatrics.
  5. Prizes in various cultural, sports and educational competitions.
  6. Passed IELTS exam with an overall score of 8 organized in Mumbai – India.
  7. Faculty at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi for the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Course.
  8. Faculty at the SELSICON conducted at Patiala Sept 2010.

Dr Amit Subhash Kalangutkar is a key member of the Healthway team, a renowned authority in his field of Hepatobiliary surgery, he has the pride of a consistent record for excellence in academics right since his high school to his diverse, high level professional specializations. An accomplished and experienced surgeon with a Diplomate and MS in his area of passion, Dr Amit serves as a general, laparoscopic and hepatobiliary surgeon at Healthway Hospitals with surgical expertise in performing surgeries outside the scope of the hepatobiliary region and pancreas, like neurospurgery, emergency surgery necessitated by accidents and ATLS.

Dr Amit Subhash has an enviable track record in terms of international exposure encompassing learning, training and holding highly responsible positions at prestigious overseas and national healthcare institutions. While his deep knowledge and passion in his area of specialization manifest in his literary contributions in terms of research papers, CME’s attended, lectures, audit and memberships in prestigious topical bodies, his compassion and service orientation are exhibited in his ‘giving back to society’ initiatives.

Dr Amit Kalangutkar graduated from Goa medical college. He worked as a Junior Resident in various departments at GMC including General Surgery, Accident & Emergency followed by Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

He was then posted as a Senior Resident in the departments of Neurosurgery, Trauma and General Surgery.

In 2002 he moved to the UK where he started as a Senior House Officer in General Surgery, Tyrone Country Hospital, UK. After one year he joined as a Specialist Registrar in General Surgery, Causeway Hospital, UK

In 2004 he was working as a Specialist Registrar in Endocrine/Upper Gastrointestinal/ General Surgery, Royal Victoria Hospital, UK and later at Breast/Gastrointestinal/General Surgery, Belfast City Hospital, UK.

Apart from these, other places where he worked include General surgery, Antrim Hospital & Mater Infirmorum Hospital UK till 2008.

He returned to Goa in 2008 and joined the Directorate of Health Services Government of Goa , as a general surgeon.

2010 onwards he started his private practice as a Consultant General & Hepatobiliary Surgeon. Currently he is a visiting consultant at several hospitals  including Healthway.

Dr Nilesh B. Talwadker


M.B.B.S., M.S. D.N.B. (Gen Surgery)


  1. Membership Goa Medical Council
  2. Life Membership Association of Surgeons of India
  3. Life Membership Indian Medical Association


Hindi, English, Konkani, Marathi

Brief intro- Dr Nilesh B.Talwadker is a senior member of the Hepatobiliary Surgery Department at Healthway. A brilliant academician, keen researcher and highly skilled surgeon with in-depth knowledge in the specialties of Urology, Gastroentrology, Oncology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Neuro surgery, General Surgery. Dr Nilesh holds a Diplomate and MS in general surgery to his credit. A firm believer in the dictum that knowledge evolves every day, he keeps himself updated, up skilled and well informed of the latest diagnostic and treatment modalities including a study of real cases by constantly attending and actively participating CMEs like seminars, conferences, workshops etc. The positions held and portfolios administered by him in the healthcare domain reflect the high esteem and respect he commands amongst the medical fraternity.

Total Experience. :  19 years in General Surgery, 9 years in Urology

  1. 1998- Jr Resident In Dermatology, GMC
  2. 1998-2001- Jr Resident & Pg Student Gen Surgery , GMC
  3. 2003 – Sr Residency in Neurosurgery Dept , GMC
  4. 2002-2005- Sr Residency in Gen Surgery , GMC
  5. 2005-2008- lecturer In Deprt Of Gen surgery
  6. 2008- 2013 – Consultant in Urology Dept ,GMC
  7. Currently – Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon at Healthway Hospital
  1. Dr Nilesh Talwadker graduated from Goa Medical College. He completed his Jr Residency In Dermatology, GMC in 1998. He then completed his PG in Gen Surgery in GMC in 2001. Further he joined the departments of  Neurosurgery and completed his senior residency in Gen surgery in 2005. He then worked as a lecturer in the Dept Of Gen surgery till 2008. He was then a Consultant at Urology Dept GMC, till 2013.

  2. Currently he is associated with Healthway Hospital as consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgery.

  1. Awarded Dr A D Sehgal award for best Poster presentationat %1st
  2. annualconference of International college of Surgeons, 2005
  3. Best All round student 1996 GMC
  4. Winner Goa State university Chess 1994
  5. Winner Goa State university Chess 1995
  6. Presented model project on Physiology Of Gastric secretions in 1 st MBBS
  1. Membership Goa Medical Council
  2. Life Membership Association of Surgeons of India 
  3. Life Membership Indian Medical Association

Dr Pralhad Savaikar


M.B.B.S., MS (E.N.T Head & Neck Surgery)




  1. Life member FHNO
  2. Life member IASSA  
  3. Life member Indian Medical association

Dr Pawan Rane completed his MS in ENT & Junior Residency Training in GMC in 2010. Following this he joined Observership at Head & neck Surgical Oncology , Tata Memorial hospital, Mumbai. He then worked as Sr Research Fellow in Head & neck Surgical oncology In Tata Memorial Hospital for 2 years. He completed his Observership in otolaryngology Head & neck Surgery in Hinduja Hospital and moved to Kolhapur in 2013 and worked as fellow in Head & neck Surgical oncology Kolhapur Cancer centre for 2 more years.
In 2014 he went to South Korea to do Fellowship In Department of Thyroid Surgery in Endoscopic & Robotic Thyroid surgery, Seoul National University Hospital.
He returned to India and joined as a Consultant Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist , Kolhapur Cancer Center. He further pursued GOLF Fellowship by IFHNOS, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2016.
He is currently associated with Healthway Hospital as a Consultant ENT surgeon
He various Otological procedures like Myringoplasty, Tympanoplasty, Mastoido-Tympanoplasties, Myringotomy and Grommet Insertion, Facial nerve decompression, foreign body removals.
He has assisted and performed nasal and sinus procedures like Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Caldwel-Luc’s procedure, Reduction of fracture of the Nasal Bones, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and removal of foreign body from nasal cavity.
He is conversant in laryngological and throat procedures like Adenotonsillectomy, Direct laryngoscopy, Microlaryngoscopy, Laser Excisions, fiber optic laryngoscopy, rigid oesopahagoscopy, rigid and fiber optic bronchoscopy. He has performed numerous paediatric and adult tracheostomies.

  1. Awarded Fellow Head & Neck Surgical Oncology( Tata memorial Hospital)
  2. Awarded Fellow Endoscopic & Robotic Thyroid Surgery ( Seoul, South Korea)
  3. Co-author in a paper which has been awarded best clinical paper in IFHNOS 2012 Ahmedabad
  1. Presented paper at IASO midcon Kolhapur april2014
  2. Presented Poster ‘at FHNO 2011 Goa
  3. Presented poster at IFHNOS Ahmedabad 2012 
  4. Co-author in a paper  presented in the AHNS 2012 Toronto, Canada 
  5. Co- Author in a paper  in AHNS Toronto 2012
  6. Co-author in paper presented in IASO-2012 Goa
  7. Co-author in a paper which has been awarded best clinical paper in IFHNOS 2012 Ahmedabad
  8. Co-author in a poster  in IFHNOS-2012, Ahmedabad and IASO midcon Kolhapur 2014
  9. Co-author in a paper  presented in and  IFOS 2013 .Seoul, Korea. 
  10. Co author in a paper presented in  IAOO 2013, Greece: