Hepatobiliary surgeons at Healthway are experts who extend a segmental approach to the field of General Surgery.
There is an ever increasing need for superspecialisation in the field of medicine and the same extends to the surgical branch. This  branch deals with the surgeries related to the liver, the bile duct and may extend even to pancreas. These surgical interventions on the liver, the pancreas or the bile ducts should be selected as a function of risk versus benefit in relation to the patient’s requirements and the institutional expertise.
At Healthway our surgeons deal with cases like Bile duct cancers, including hilar cholangiocarcinoma, liver surgeries  and gallbladder cancers which though have a dismal reputation have been sucessessfully managed and resulted in better patient survival from aggressive approaches performed by our specialist hepatobiliary surgeons. Hepatic surgery has increased in safety and effectiveness, largely due to the segmental approach. The  experience of our surgeons with  modern techniques for vascular control and exclusion has also played a vital role in the the success of these cases. 


Dr. Antonio De Bossuet Afonso

Dr. Pralhad Savaikar

Dr. Amit Subhash Kalangutkar

Dr. Rameshwar Kadam

Dr. Nilesh B. Talwadker

Dr. Jayant Bhandari