Vascular Access, Fistula, Chemoport Placement

Vascular access is making the blood vessel available for use for adminitration of drugs or for hemodlysis, etc.

Fistula links an artery to a vein under the skin of your arm. A fistula is the “gold standard” because it is made of your own blood vessels. An AV fistula can last for years—even decades. Fistulas are least prone to infections and blood clots.

Chemoport is a vascular access device which helps in administering chemotherapy with relative ease. The port device is anchored to the upper part of the chest and the catheter is usually placed in one of the large veins. The implantable subcutaneous venous access port or chemoport insertion is a common procedure in patients requiring long-term venous access. Chemoport provides safe, easy and cosmetically pleasant venous access.

These procedures are conducted by our experts on OP and IP basis under utmost sterile conditions.