Department of ENT and Head/Neck Surgery caters to all ENT diseases with an option to undergo surgeries through both conventional and endoscopic approaches wherever indicated. The department is also planning to start cochlear implant surgery shortly.


Dr. Sandesh Chodankar

Consultant ENT Surgeon

Dr Pawan P. Rane

Consultant Head,Neck Surgical Oncologist & ENT Surgeon

Dr.Sandesh Chodankar


M.B.B.S., DNB ( ENT)


  1. Life member AOF ( Association of otorhinolaryngologist of India)
  2. Life member AOF ( Association of otorhinolaryngologist of India), Goa chapter
  3. Life member ISO ( Indian Society of otology)
  4. Life member Indian Medical association

Dr Sandesh Chodankar completed his MBBS and his DNB in ENT from GMC , Goa.

He completed his residency in GMC following his education. He was then appointed as  a lecturer, Assistant prof and associate professor in ENT & head and Neck surgery department GMC. He was then served as Director professor ENT department , GMC for around 4 years. Currently he is a Consultant ENT surgeon at Healthway Hospital, Goa

  1. Was actively engaged in teaching UG & PG students ENT at Goa Medical college  1989-2017
  2. Attended and conducted numerous conferences & ENT surgical workshops both at National And International level.
  3. Was involved as faculty in various ENT conferences.
  4. Special interest in Endoscopic surgeries in ENT, micro ear surgeries, vertigo and thyroid disorders.
  1. Endoscopic surgeries of Ear, Nose/ Sinuses & larynx
  2. Micro ear & micro laryngoscopic surgeries
  3. Thyroid & Benign Neck mass surgeries
  4. Tonsil adenoid & Nasal septum surgeries
  1. Hypo hyperthyroidism
  2. Vertigo & balance disorders
  3. Upper airway Allergy/ Voice disorders
  4. Evaluation of deafness, hearing aid fitting
  1. Bilateral Anthrochoanal Polyp.
  2. Comparative Analysis of Endoscopic DCR Versus an External DCR in the Department of ENT – GMC
  3. Effects of Hypertonic and Isotonic Saline on Nasal Mucocilliary clearance in sinonasal pathologies
  4. Primary TB of Tongue
  5. Study of Sensorineural hearing loss in patients with hypertension.
  1. Secured 27th state rank at Goa Board SSC exam.
  2. Secured 9th state rank at Goa board or secondary and Higher secondary education.
  3. Actively involved in teaching undergraduate students in ENT at Goa Medical college
  4. Actively involved in post graduate teaching programmes in ENT at Goa Medical college for 10 years
  5. Delivered lectures on various topics at IMA and AOI meetings in Goa.
  6. Conducted Public awareness programmes in ENT on A.I.R and Goa Doordarshan since 1994.

Dr Pawan P. Rane


M.B.B.S., MS (E.N.T Head & Neck Surgery)




  1. Life member FHNO
  2. Life member IASSA  
  3. Life member Indian Medical association

Dr Pawan Rane completed his MS in ENT & Junior Residency Training in GMC in 2010. Following this he joined Observership at Head & neck Surgical Oncology , Tata Memorial hospital, Mumbai. He then worked as Sr Research Fellow in Head & neck Surgical oncology In Tata Memorial Hospital for 2 years. He completed his Observership in otolaryngology Head & neck Surgery in Hinduja Hospital and moved to Kolhapur in 2013 and worked as fellow in Head & neck Surgical oncology Kolhapur Cancer centre for 2 more years.
In 2014 he went to South Korea to do Fellowship In Department of Thyroid Surgery in Endoscopic & Robotic Thyroid surgery, Seoul National University Hospital.
He returned to India and joined as a Consultant Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist , Kolhapur Cancer Center. He further pursued GOLF Fellowship by IFHNOS, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2016.
He is currently associated with Healthway Hospital as a Consultant ENT surgeon
He various Otological procedures like Myringoplasty, Tympanoplasty, Mastoido-Tympanoplasties, Myringotomy and Grommet Insertion, Facial nerve decompression, foreign body removals.
He has assisted and performed nasal and sinus procedures like Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Caldwel-Luc’s procedure, Reduction of fracture of the Nasal Bones, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and removal of foreign body from nasal cavity.
He is conversant in laryngological and throat procedures like Adenotonsillectomy, Direct laryngoscopy, Microlaryngoscopy, Laser Excisions, fiber optic laryngoscopy, rigid oesopahagoscopy, rigid and fiber optic bronchoscopy. He has performed numerous paediatric and adult tracheostomies.

  1. Awarded Fellow Head & Neck Surgical Oncology( Tata memorial Hospital)
  2. Awarded Fellow Endoscopic & Robotic Thyroid Surgery ( Seoul, South Korea)
  3. Co-author in a paper which has been awarded best clinical paper in IFHNOS 2012 Ahmedabad
  1. Presented paper at IASO midcon Kolhapur april2014
  2. Presented Poster ‘at FHNO 2011 Goa
  3. Presented poster at IFHNOS Ahmedabad 2012 
  4. Co-author in a paper  presented in the AHNS 2012 Toronto, Canada 
  5. Co- Author in a paper  in AHNS Toronto 2012
  6. Co-author in paper presented in IASO-2012 Goa
  7. Co-author in a paper which has been awarded best clinical paper in IFHNOS 2012 Ahmedabad
  8. Co-author in a poster  in IFHNOS-2012, Ahmedabad and IASO midcon Kolhapur 2014
  9. Co-author in a paper  presented in and  IFOS 2013 .Seoul, Korea. 
  10. Co author in a paper presented in  IAOO 2013, Greece: