People can reduce their risk of developing major medical problems, receive more effective treatment, and reduce their health care cost when they seek treatment from an interdisciplinary team including behavioural health providers.

Healthway Hospital offers its services for the mental health of its patients by highly experienced senior doctors in its clinical psychology department.
Because behaviour plays a vital role in mental and physical health, behavioural health is becoming the cornerstone of the biopsychosocial practice. Our psychologists as behavioural health providers play a major role in understanding how biological, behavioural, and social factors influence health, and illness. Like a physical illness, mental illness also needs care and treatment. And, like many physical illnesses, with the right treatment most people with mental disorders are able to live healthy and productive lives. Issues ranging from mood disorders, depression, anxiety, phobias, Obsessive compulsive disorder, eating challenges, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and more can be taken care of by a wide variety of medical and psychotherapeutic modalities . Our department caters not only to the needs of adults but also of children.

Healthway provides its clinical Psychology services at OPD level and at IP level when ever required wherein there is initial patient assessment, evaluation, counselling and follow up sessions ensuring there is a steady improvement in the patient’s understanding of their problems and helping them overcome the same.


Ms.Silvia Mascarenhas

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Meeta Majumdar

Ms. Silvia

Dr.Sushil V. Nanaware

Ms.Silvia Mascarenhas


BA ,MA Psychology

Languages Spoken


Special Interest

  • Assessment of Children
  • Counselling Parents & Families
  • Counselling Children & Teenagers
  • Networking and Advocacy
  • Community Intervention
  • Case History Documentation


  • Life member of Indian Arthroscopy Association
  • Life member Indian Orthopedic Association
  • After completing their Master in Psychology from St Xavier’s college in Mapusa, Ms Silviya worked as a Psychologist, Child Protection Officer & Case Coordinator at Sethu Centre from 2013-2019.
  • During this time she attended several training programs and workshops as follows:
  • Attended a workshop on Social Thinking by Michelle Garcia Winner in September 2019
  • Participated in a workshop on ‘Understanding Child Rights’ organized by the Goa State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights – June 2019
  • Attended a workshop on ‘Preparing for Success, conducted by Human resources of Cathay Pacific, Mumbai – in April 2019
  • Participated in a 1day workshop on ‘Sexuality, Safety and the Child with Special Needs at the 2nd International Developmental Pediatrics Association Congress, Mumbai – December 2017
  • Attended a workshop on ‘Behaviour Management in Children with Autism’ conducted by Ummeed Child Development Centre, Mumbai, organized by Sethu Centre for Child Development, Goa – July 2017
  • Attended training on ‘Development and Implementation of Institutional Child Safeguarding Policies’, a 3-module training program over a period of 2 years, conducted by Karl Kubel foundation, Coimbatore – 2015 -17
  • Attended a workshop on ‘Introduction to Narrative Practices’, conducted by Ummeed Child Development Centre, Mumbai, organized by Sethu Centre for Child Development, Goa – May 2016
  • Attended a Workshop on the ‘26 Brain Gym’ conducted by Mahek Uttamchandani, occupational therapist, Brain Gym and Edu K foundation, UK & Ireland. – October 2016
  • Attended a State Level Workshop on ‘Strategies in Prevention and Regulation of Child Labour’ organized by the Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights in June 2015
  • Attended a workshop on ‘Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Organized by Sangath Society, Porvorim, Goa. – February 2014
  • Attended the training course on “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” Organised by the Family Planning Association of India at Avabai Wadia Health Centre, Mumbai. – April 2014
  • Attended a CME cum workshop on “Developmental Disorders in Childhood with Special Focus on Learning disability” conducted by Dr. Satish Chandra Girimaji, Professor & Head, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NIMHANS, Bangalore
  • Karnataka.- November 2014
  • Successfully completed ‘Gnyandeep’, a 6-month preschool teacher training program, organized by Sethu Centre for Child Development and Family Guidance – July 2013 to December 2013
  • Attended a workshop on ‘Bereavement Counselling” organized by Sethu. December 2013
  • Underwent on-the-job training for two months at COOJ Mental Health Centre, Vasco – da – Gama, Goa. – May 2012 and May 2013
  • Attended a 1 day State Level Workshop on Research Designs, Sampling Techniques & Statistical Application in Social Science – March 2012
  1. Presented a poster on ‘How to Develop and Institutionalize a Child Protection Policy in a Child Development Service’ at the 2nd International Developmental Pediatrics Association Congress, Mumbai – December 2017
  2. Presented a paper on ‘Adolescent Lifestyle and Suicide’ at a National Level Seminar on “Counselling Strategies for Enhancement of Physical and Psychological Well Being” Organised by the Department of Psychology & Sports of M.E.S College of Arts & Commenrce, Zuarinagar – Goa – September 2012
  1. Major contribution to developing and formulating the Child Protection Policy for Sethu
  2. Conducted a training program for the child care institutes in Goa in collaboration with the Goa State Commission for the protection of child rights
  3. Designed and headed DOST – Developing Opportunities for Special Teenagers, a social skills training program for teenagers at Sethu.
  4. Conducted Lecturers and workshops for parents, teachers and children on various topics like Building parent teacher relationship, classroom management, building relationship between parents and teenagers. Sexuality education for children.